• November 28, 2020

Even if he doesn’t say “I love you”, there are 9 ( Zodiac Signs ) indicating that a man is really in love <3 !!!

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The way people express their feelings will always be different, and in fact, men show it more with actions than with words. For that reason, it is very easy to realize when a boy loves you or is simply playing with your emotions. There are different actions that can be noticed in the behavior of your boyfriend that will let you know that he is madly in love with you and cannot stop thinking about you. In this article, we will tell you some points that will tell you if he wants you or not. He communicates constantly with you: it is normal that your boyfriend cannot stop talking to you that he is really thinking about you all day, even if you saw each other in the morning. Continue reading to find out more.

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1. Tips

People usually try to hide any problem that could bother them instead of sharing it. However, in case of your boyfriend, he loves to ask for an opinion and will ask you for advice on different situations on a daily basis. Whether it’s work or family problems, he’ll always want to know what you would do in these cases. This means that he trusts you fully and that he takes into account your words. You are one of the most important people in his life and therefore he will want to be with you for a long time.

2. Details

Usually, guys do not pay attention to many things, in fact, they are super clueless most of the time. However, with you it is different. He loves to see every detail of you, your hair, your face, your body, everything will seem fascinating. Therefore, if one day you are in a restaurant ordering a salad and he says to the waiter: “Without dressing please”, it means that he knows you perfectly, do not be surprised, he has noticed those little details. Undoubtedly, he remembers everything you say daily.

3. You’re his priority

You have become absolutely everything to him, you are his priority in all cases and he will put you first before everything. No matter what happens, he will be willing to do everything he can to help you with anything. He loves being with you, therefore, he will not miss any opportunity to be with you for a while longer. You should be really grateful to experience such attitude towards you.

4. Motivation

Motivation will help you be better in your life, whatever you want to accomplish he will want to support you in everything. He will do everything that is possible so that you do not ever lose your motivation and enthusiasm. However, a man who makes you feel you’re worthless and laughs at your hopes and dreams is not worth it and you should leave him immediately and forever. Do not allow yourself to suffer because of such people.

5. He hold your hand

If he was just playing with you, he would never take your hand or hug you. This kind of actions will be done only by the guys who are really in love with you. He loves you and is not afraid to show it to his friends, family, and also in public since he is proud to have you with him. You should return the gesture with a kiss on the cheek or with a caress on his hands or arm.

6. He listens

Many guys could simply become the ones who listen to you, but he is different, he will even think about the everyday problems that are troubling you. If one day he asks you about something you told him months ago and now he is really curious to know how the situation ended, it means that you are in his mind daily and he cannot leave behind the problems that are worrying you. You can always count on him if you need someone to listen to you.

7. He is proud of you

He always tells you so many compliments. He tells you that you are very beautiful even if you are in your pajamas the whole day. He tells you how smart you are and how good work you have done. He loves to talk about you and your dreams and passions. This way, he is showing how much he loves you and how much he likes you physically and mentally. Well, it definitely makes you feel like you are the best person in the world.

8. He thinks of you

He is really thinking about you constantly and he would do anything to draw your attention. You are an important part of his life and you are like his favorite song that he cannot get out of his head. You are simply present all the time in his thoughts, whether he is at work, taking an exam or having a lazy day at home. If your boyfriend behaves this way, do not ever let him go.

9. He looks you in the eyes

You can see much in the eyes of your guy. They say so many things even if they have not uttered any words. If he looks you straight in the eyes for a long period of time and just smiles, he’s crazy about you. He cannot stop thinking about you. You also should look him in the eye and return a smile because this will make him fall in love even more. If you feel the same way, he will know it immediately.

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