• November 27, 2020

Romance & Relationships Feb 2020


Venus is in Aries from February 7-March 4. In Aries, love is spontaneous and direct. The chase is very exciting to us under this fiery influence. We are bold, fresh, and a little impatient when it comes to matters of the heart. We don’t look back with Aries energy. We are not interested in saying sorry or dwelling on the past. It’s a brand new day! It’s time to make things work right now. Aries is known for a love of the chase and the conquest, but Aries love can be longstanding as long as it remains relatively fresh. Aries is blunt–there’s no sugar-coating with Aries. This can sting, but rarely is Aries energy mean or petty. Saying it like it is is important to Aries. Desires are strong and expressed spontaneously, enthusiastically, and directly. Aries prefers to seduce rather than be seduced, to chase rather than be chased.

This week: Venus doesn’t form any major aspects to the major planets, but on Saturday, the 22nd, a Venus-Jupiter square comes into influence. We may be going overboard as we seek more meaning or new horizons. We should watch for overcommitting or overstating, but we’re also anxious to grow and improve, and we may draw in situations that help us do just that.

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