• November 28, 2020

These zodiac signs are heartbreakers


You still have the pink glasses on and your new flame is already playing with your heart? Well: some zodiac signs have what it takes to be a heart breaker. Read which ones here.

Every beginning is difficult – sometimes this also applies to love matters. Not every zodiac sign can immediately and unconditionally engage in a new partnership. Some zodiac signs are real heart breakers – caution is required with them.

It is not uncommon for the love that is given to be conditional. According to the motto: love me, then I love you. A long-term partnership finds no food on this soil. Heartache is inevitable and the passion is over as quickly as it came.

Heart breaker Zodiac : Fears of attachment – twins are afraid of being too close

It never gets boring with a twin: he is communicative, interested in everything and wants to wrest everything from life. No question: These eloquent twins men have a magical attraction for women. With their relaxed and open manner, they are born seducers.

Anyone who has fallen in love with a twin will not be happy to hear that: Mr. Casanova can separate s** and love very well. Behind it is a deep fear of attachment. He would most like to have a love affair. However, it is questionable whether he can or wants to communicate this to you directly.

Perhaps he will always give you something solid to look forward to and find new reasons and reasons why a stronger bond is not a good idea. With every disappointment your heart is broken a little bit more …

The lion likes to be at the center of the relationship

Love is in the air … You will never forget the beginnings of a love relationship with a lion. This intensity! That passion! The lion man knows how to conquer a woman, and as a fire sign he will bring a lot of fire into the relationship. Chances are that you feel like you are living a fairy tale in which you are the princess.

However, the question is: how long is this good? It is true that the lion does not choose anyone. If you have chosen the king of the zodiac, this is a great compliment, because the lion likes to decorate itself with its partner. But: The love of the lion is conditional and will only work as long as you adore it. If the lion has doubts about your loyalty and submissiveness, if you dare to criticize him, dark clouds will appear on the horizon of your fairytale world.

The arguments with him are short and violent and he is not someone who fights for you. That is beneath his dignity. After all, he is a gift in the relationship and the center of it. If your heart is broken, you may come to the conclusion that his love for himself was greater than love for you.

Beware of a scorpion’s venomous sting

Curtain up for the stage-ready idea of ​​a scorpion in love. He loves (you) with skin and hair, every cell of his body. Speaking of which: the love relationship with a scorpion focuses on physical love. You should be aware that no other sign has such a large s** drive. There may not be much time for other things.

Especially not for other men! Scorpions are extremely possessive. If you offer him an area of ​​attack that is too large, you could find it difficult to explain. This not only shakes trust, it also torpedoed a fresh love.

Once the demons of jealousy are unleashed, it becomes dangerous near a scorpion who instinctively knows where to stab to make it hurt. A stab in the heart could also mean the end of the relationship, which can hardly be settled peacefully.

When fish suddenly dive …

No zodiac sign has as much empathy as the fish, who prefer to connect with everything to form a unity. Merging is also a big topic in love relationships. The fish-born will listen to you attentively and will often find the right words that will make your heart melt.

However, this is only one side of the coin. The fish is often torn inside and needs more grip on the outside. He really only feels safe in a dream world that he has created for himself and that often has little to do with reality. The hardships of life often overwhelm him. If there is a dispute, the fish often questions the entire partnership.

After all, an argument also threatens his dream world. Then he suddenly dives into his infinite sea depths, into which no one can follow him. Ghosting is easy for the Pisces man, who tries to hide the failed love affair. At this point you may have given him your heart for a long time …


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