• November 24, 2020

5 Obvious Signs That You’re With A Man Who Doesn’t Respect You

What is the difference between a relationship that is going through a difficult period from one that simply doesn’t work? At first things were a bed of roses, but on the way, did your partner become unrecognizable? Do you feel that your relationship is becoming oppressive?

Here is a list of 5 obvious signs that you’re with a man who doesn’t respect you :


1. Does not take into account your needs

Compromise is a fundamental element in any love relationship. It is natural to ask for and give understanding and mutual respect. If you ignore these basic elements, if he does not take your needs into consideration, it is an early sign of disrespect.

2. He is not kind to you

With love and attention even the most cruel truths can be told. If someone really supports you, he will listen to you if your he doesn’t make you feel good by always making you feel he is not up to it then things are not going well. When someone loves with all his being he usually makes an enormous effort for the other to make the partner feel at ease in every situation showing understanding.


3. It cares about respect for family and friends

If your he doesn’t have a respectful attitude towards your family and your friends it means that there is a direct lack of respect for you. The people closest to you are part of you, they represent the pillar of your life. Usually that loves you tries to create a bond with those around you, otherwise your relationship is destined to fail.

. It is very critical

Nothing you do is done well and doesn’t appreciate your efforts. It constantly judges you and is very critical to the slightest mistake. Do not forget and do not forgive, your actions are continually brought under control and criticized.

5. Don’t listen

Listen when you talk to him? Do you actively participate in a conversation or can’t wait for it to end up returning to your business or to talk about your problems? Being open with your partner and maintaining a conversation or serious discussion is essential in a relationship. If this does not happen it is clear that you do not respect yourself.

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