• November 23, 2020

Your Hidden Talents | Profession Suggestions | What,Where And Which Profession Suits You

Zodiac Aries

What does he like to work with: people, animals, iron, metal, fire, machines Where he likes to work: barracks, factory, sports ground, zoo, stable, courtroom, operating room, mine Which professions / industries / professions interest him especially: Mechanical engineering, metal working, industry, hunting, dressage, butcher, sports, army, police, veterinary medicine, dentistry, surgery, lawyer, sculpture

Zodiac Taurus

What does he like to work with: animals, earth, stones, wood, food, money, leather, fabrics Where does he like to work: fields, gardens, warehouses, restaurants, kitchens, grocery stores, banks, stock exchanges Which occupations / industries / occupational groups interest him especially:agriculture, garden culture, agriculture, vegetable cultivation, viticulture, pastry, gastronomy, stock exchange, economics, business administration, trade, arts and crafts, music, dance, fashion salon

Gemini Zodiac

What does he like to work with: paper, books, newspapers, media, telephone, fax, computer, printing press, transport Where does he like to work: publishing house, printing office, editorial department, post office, airport, train station, street, agency, radio, television What professions / sectors / occupational groups are of particular interest to him:publishing, journalism, moderation, tourism, computer engineering, transport, air traffic, transports

Zodiac Cancer

What does he like to work with: people, children, animals, clothing, food, water, liquids, ships, costumes, dolls, toys Where does he like to work: kindergartens, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, market halls, fairs, farmhouses, waters, harbors He is particularly interested in careers, pastoral care, child care, life coaching, general medicine, law, gastronomy, seafaring, administration, arts and crafts

Zodiac Leo

What does he like to work with: gold, valuables, luxury items, culture, camera, one’s own person Where does he like to work: stage, theater, meetings, exhibitions, salons, public, castles, catwalk, television He is particularly interested in professions / industries / professions: director, president, chairman, artist, film, jewelry industry, diplomacy, politics, medicine, business administration, fashion industry

Zodiac Virgo

What does she like to work with: health, care, hygiene, watches, stationery, books, small items Where does she like to work: offices, laboratories, hospitals, practices, workshops, factories, law offices, schools What professions / industries / occupational groups are of particular interest to you:pharmacist, medical assistant, doctor, veterinarian, druggist, secretary, accounting, civil servant, clerical worker, technical draftsman, archivist, optician, watchmaker, engineer, domestic worker, statistician, lab technician, teacher

Zodiac Libra

What does she like to work with: works of art, fashion, pearls, cosmetics, porcelain, people Where does she like to work: gallery, museum, restaurant, hotel, beauty salon, fashion shop, embassies, entertainment, office Which professions / branches / professions are of particular interest to you: fashion designer, interior designer, decorator, hairdresser, florist, art dealer, advertisement, representative, lawyer, diplomat, artist, musician, graphic designer

Zodiac Scorpio

What does he like to work with: secrets, soul, metal, iron, knives, weapons, water, people Where does he like to work: laboratories, shafts, canals, operating theaters, courtrooms, barracks, monasteries, cemeteries What professions / industries / professions interest him especially: psychiatrist, criminologist, secret agent, detective, archaeologist, undertaker, defense lawyer, surgeon, gynecologist, urologist, chemist, diver, soldier

Zodiac Sagittarius

What does he like to work with: horses, animals, fur, leather, wood, transport, books, sports equipment Where does he like to work: sports fields, gymnasiums, stadium, travel agency, port, airport, ministries, courts, churches, stables What professions / industries / occupational groups are of particular interest to him:horse traders, riders, sports teachers, teachers, commercial travelers, interpreters, exporters, wholesalers, publicists, educators, politicians, judges, clerics

Zodiac Capricorn

What does he like to work with: earth, minerals, wood, stone, machinery, furniture, antiques, technical equipment, recycling Where he likes to work: workshop, laboratory, archive, museum, public buildings, mountains, Hermitage, monastery, factory What professions / industries / professions interest him especially: farmer, craftsman, miner, watchmaker, restorer, architect, lawyer, engineer, antiquarian, administrator, scientist, mathematician

Zodiac Aquarius

What does he like to work with: computers, electrical appliances, electricity, planes, spaceships, inventions, trends, art, expeditions Where does he like to work: space, universities, laboratory, music studio, film studio, research centers, observatory He is particularly interested in professions / sectors / professions: aerospace, research, technician, sociologist, educator, electrical engineer, computer science, marketing, artist, film, radio and television industry

Zodiac Pisces

What does he like to work with: waters, ships, drinks, oil, gas, tobacco, glass, mirrors, camera, medicine Where does he like to work: Hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, nursing homes, monasteries, rescue centers, art galleries, photo studios What professions / sectors / occupational groups are of particular interest to him:doctor, psychologist, nurse, pastor, social worker, development worker, bartender, gallery owner, photographer, marine researcher, fisherman, novelist.

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