• December 01, 2020

Here These are The 10 Bad Traits OF Taurus Zodiac Sign in JULY,2020

Taurus Bad Tarits Are As Follows


1. Materialistic :

Taurus usually wants to set a standard image in front of the society, no matter whether they have to fake for it or do anything for it, and this nature of them makes them very materialistic in nature. They want expensive clothes and stuff just to show it as a way of status symbol. Making it one of the worst traits of Taurus.


2. Headstrong:

They are so headstrong in nature that if things don’t happen the way they want, they can be the most stubborn person you will ever meet. If they say no means no.

3. Lazy:

They can just spend their holiday eating and sleepy. And can be the laziest person on earth at times. It will hard time dealing with a Taurus in their lazy mode mood.

4. Jealous:

It is not their fault but a trait, which is considered negative. You will find a Taurus very jealous in nature be it by looking at the success of others or by the things others possess. This jealousy can be trace as one the bad trait of Taurus.


5. Greedy :

You can find them as dealing with things that will benefit them and are very greedy when it comes to wealth. Their materialistic nature somewhere gets reflected when you talk to them about money.



6. Prejudice:

They are biased in nature and expecting a fair decision for them will disappoint you because they love taking the side of people looking at the roles they play in Taurus’ life.



7. Bullheaded :

You ever dealt with a person who is not ready to listen to you and act in a very unthinking way. Yes, it is a Taurus. A Taurus will always believe that their points are correct and listening to anyone is not their cup of tea, making a bad trait of Taurus.



8. Self-indulgent:

Since they are very ambitious and goal-oriented in nature they form the perception that the world revolves around them. This nature of theirs makes them very rude at times and they are often ignorant of the emotions of others.


9. Selfish:

Don’t get if you see the most selfish side of a Taurus while dealing with goals. Because they can leave you anytime for their goals. They can be very selfish and will think about their own benefits. They won’t do any favor for you if they don’t have their selfish motive in it.



10. Possessive:

Like Leo even Taurus are attention seekers, the only difference is one can make out this trait in Leo whereas you won’t be able to distinguish it in Taurus and their this hidden nature sometimes costs them genuine relationships.


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