• November 24, 2020

Every zodiac sign needs this on a bad day



Each of us has a bad day, so we shouldn’t pretend. This is normal and we should admit it too.

But what do we need on a bad day to make it better again?

Here’s what every zodiac sign needs on a bad day.






Aries: physical exercise

This can be jogging, a visit to the gym, sex, or even something as simple as an aggressive video game – everything that makes the ram convert his frustration into activity. If he can find a way to noticeably relieve his stress, his mood changes in an instant.







Taurus: Pamper yourself

When the bull has a hard day, he knows that it is best to do something good for himself. Going to the thermal bath, getting your nails done, or simply relaxing in a hot bath with a glass of wine at home: a bad day can’t hurt the bull as long as he can relax.






Twins: Text with the group chat as a distraction

Twins are known for knowing a lot of people, and while they are independent and enjoy exploring things on their own, they mostly have a core group of people to talk to.

On a bad day, your mood rises quickly when you can get in touch with a few friends and start a fun or interesting group chat.






Cancer: Spoil yourself with a loved one

Crabs are used to caring for others, so it is not always easy for them to report when they have a problem. But if you have someone you trust, it just helps you to reveal all of your feelings. As soon as they can actually speak their problems out loud, they immediately feel much easier.






Löwe: Be reminded of your own good qualities

Even though the lion usually has enough self-confidence for everyone, it is not immune to bad days. When lions are haunted by one, their self-confidence often gets a blow.

Although they probably already know their strengths deep inside, it is more than helpful for them to hear from someone else about their good qualities. It serves as a reminder that other people see their greatness and they don’t just make it up.







Jungfrau: Concentrate on making the best of the rest of the day

Even if everyone has their vulnerable moments, virgins approach it differently if they are not doing well. You might just sink into self-pity, but prefer to spend the rest of the day in your hands.

You may not be able to change the bad things, but you can make the most of the rest of your time. You take control of the rest of the time until things are fixed.






Libra: Do something with your best friends

Scales are often given the cliché that they don’t want to be alone – but that’s true even if they’re having a bad day. They need a shoulder to lean on and someone to tell them everything will be fine and they will make it. So who better to get them back on their feet than their best friend?







Scorpio: A secret short trip

The scorpion can be tempted to bury itself at home when it is going through a tough time. However, the scorpion only wants to take a short trip all by itself – go somewhere where nobody knows it.

Maybe he talks to people to distract himself, or maybe he just enjoys being far from his stress; in any case, he will feel how his soul relaxes when he can be alone in another place for a while.






Sagittarius: A trip to … no matter where

Similar to the scorpion, the shooter just wants to go somewhere when he has a bad day. Shooters are not afraid to be on their own, but they don’t mind if their friends move with them – as long as they can keep up.

Your goal is to explore unknown territory, clear your head, and focus on more positive things than what you are currently dealing with.






Capricorn: reminder of their accomplishments and their confirmation

Ibex put incredible pressure on themselves and often have to struggle with bad days. Whenever everything gets too much, a memory of everything they have achieved works wonders for their mood. If someone confirms their positive qualities, this is an additional bonus.






Wassermann: Have someone with whom you can discuss the latest philosophical theory

Although they may not like to admit when they are not well, even watermen know that they are not immune to such situations. If they do admit it, the best way to cheer them up is to discuss other things that are going on in the world.

That may sound depressing to some of us, but watermen use it as a reminder that the world is bigger than their own affairs. It gives them the opportunity to really explore bigger ideas and complex theories with others instead of pondering them alone.







Pisces: Have someone who asks

The fish has a reputation for looking at everyone else to see if they are doing well when they feel they have a problem. Fish have deep insight into their own feelings and also those of the people around them.

When they’re having a bad day, they’re not afraid to face their emotions – but they tend to do it all by themselves. So the best thing for them is someone who asks how they are doing. They don’t want to be a burden to others, but if someone takes the time to talk through a bad phase with them, they immediately feel better.







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