• November 26, 2020

Ranking of the least and most flirting zodiac signs





Do you think you’re the king or queen of flirting?

Your zodiac sign knows the answer.

Before you find your rank on this list, which lists the zodiac signs from least flirting to most flirting, let us tell you that this flirting nature depends not only on the zodiac sign, but also on gender.

So you can be higher on the list while your male counterpart is lower.

Let’s see who wins the crown!

Most flirtatious zodiac signs, ordered from least to most






24: The Libra man and his ego

He is pretty silly and thinks everything through. His actions are impressive, but after the first conversation, you probably wouldn’t be happy to meet him again.





23: Aquarius doesn’t flirt at all, he’s just strange:

The emotionally distant, weird Aquarius can be good with its lame puns, but bad puns are not the same as flirting. You two can go well together, even if you don’t play the flirting game very well.







22: The Aquarian woman thinks too much and ruins the game herself:

She has written every conversation in her head before going on a date. She is afraid of rejection and thinks too much. For this reason, she bobs in a similar position to her male counterpart. She struggles to be flirtatious, fails miserably and looks terribly awkward.






21: The bull man is too lazy and uninterested to flirt:

To flirt? For what? This happens in the minds of most bull men. He is not interested in flirting and too lazy to make an effort. However, it has potential. So if he’s above average, he’s good at flirting.







20: The twins woman needs to understand the difference between film and reality if she wants to flirt seriously:

Life is not Gossip Girl and you are definitely not Blair Waldorf! So pull yourself together. The twins woman takes the flirting role too seriously and always tries to imitate flirting from films and TV series. She has to understand that she’s just making herself a clown. However, since it is intuitive by nature, it avoids flirting entirely.







19: The Libra woman is too indecisive to flirt:

She is lovely and loving, but her indecisiveness makes her a bad flirt. She may be witty and reserved, but that’s not a recipe for a good flirt.






18: The bull woman can flirt, but not with strangers:

Flirting must be natural for the bull woman. She looks awkward when she flirts with a stranger. But if the person is a close friend, they can be charming.






17: The Pisces Man is quite clumsy to flirt with:

He stumbles over his words and embarrasses himself quite often. If he is more careful, he can rank higher on the list.






16: The twins man is volatile and doesn’t consider flirting to be real:

He is volatile and thinks that flirting is fake. He definitely has no interest in fake people. That’s why this rank!






15: The Capricorn woman avoids eye contact:

You’re too shy, capricorn lady! How should you flirt well if you avoid eye contact?






14: The cancer woman is nice, but that’s not tempting enough:

The cancer woman is extremely kind and caring. She’ll babysit you. You may enjoy flirting with her initially, but then it gets boring.






13: The reluctant cancer man is an accidental flirt:

Like its female counterpart, the Cancer man is too caring to flirt. He is reluctant and needs a confident woman to help him relax.






12: The Pisces woman can be a good flirt if she stays in the game at all:

The fish woman is always in her dream world. If she pulls herself together and comes to reality, she can be really tempting because she knows her game well.







11: The Capricorn man is good with texts, but bad in face to face conversation:

He does everything perfectly. The Capricorn man gets full marks for flirting via text, but screwed it up when he personally flirted.







10: The Sagittarius man flirts and forgets:

The Sagittarius man does not want to be too attached and leaves calls and texts unanswered. He should focus more on his potential partners.






9: The lion man wants undivided attention:

The lion man is a very good expert when it comes to flirting. Who wouldn’t want a fascinating conversation with him! But at some point he just gets too demanding and his need for attention 24/7 ruins the game.








8: The Aries man tops the list when texting:

The Aries man is exceptionally good when the phone is the flirting medium. Dirty texts, flattering conversations – he’s a master at it. But he still has to work on his personal flirting skills!






7: The Sagittarius woman doesn’t want to be with anyone.

It is a mystery, it is sensual and it drives men crazy. But she doesn’t want to be with anyone, causing her to lose the crown.







6: The lion woman can captivate you with her words:

The lion woman can catch you with her words. It’s incredibly spicy, but its selfishness turns many people off.






5: The Aries woman can captivate you with her flattering conversations:

The Aries woman is one of the masters in flirting. She will seduce you with her honesty, her flattering conversations and her impulsive nature.






4: The Scorpio woman is a goddess in flirting:

It is romantic, it is seductive. The Scorpio woman speaks through her body and is one of the most desirable women. Flirting … it’s so easy for her.






3: The Scorpio man has to work on his text skills to win the crown:

He is incredibly passionate and romantic and can take you by storm, but the Scorpio man needs to improve his text skills. Personally, he is brilliant at flirting, but maybe he can learn something from Aries or Capricorn while writing.







2: The virgin beats everyone with her body language:

What a temptation the virgin is! She is a true goddess. She speaks through her body and captures everyone. However, it can sometimes be intimidating and inaccessible.





1: The king of flirting is none other than the virgin man:

Yes! Finally the crown goes to the Jungfrau-Mann. He is here to fulfill every woman’s wildest desires. He just conquered everyone!







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