• December 01, 2020

The Most Aggressive Would You Rather Questions Based On Your Zodiac


Would you rather never be able to pee again but feel like you had to or be constipated?


Would you rather lick peanut butter off a homeless person’s toe in the middle of Times Square and have that video go viral or have s** with your dog and your whole family finds out?


Would you rather sit in your a room while your sibling is f***ing your best friend or sit in a room while your parents are going at it and you can’t leave until either of them are done?


Would you rather listen to Nickleback every time you are hooking up or Taylor Swift?


Would you rather fart every time you have s** or vomit every time while giving or getting a BJ?


Would you rather have an affair with your bosses wife and he never finds out or be having s** with his daughter and he knows?


Would you rather shit the bed when you finally get with the person you like or have them discover you have a tail?


Would you rather kill your dog or your best friend?


Would you rather get drunk and tell your mother the worst thing you’ve ever done or tell a priest in confession?


Would you rather cry uncontrollably every time after s** or laugh like Spongebob every time you are about to orgasm?


Would you rather have s** in public or have s** in front of your grandmother?


Would you rather give up s** for the rest of your life or drinking?

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