• November 30, 2020

Your July 2020 Horoscope: Lifestyle, Relationships And Love

With the arrival of July , we can well and truly say goodbye to winter. Yup, with mid-spring approaching, that means those glorious summer days filled with sunshine and lazy weekends by the pool are drawing ever closer, and in the meantime, we have the season of change to enjoy. Nearly all zodiac signs can look forward to some big transformations this July .

Don’t worry too much about Mercury being in retrograde, since that started on March 23 and won’t change until halfway through the month. You might find that there are some miscommunication and electrical objects acting crazy until July 16, but as long as you remember to back up all of your work, the month will be less about Mercury’s suppressed energy and more about the great changes of spring.

The month starts in Aries and moves through the various phases of the Ram’s sign before turning over to Taurus on July 25. Aries’ first period will be a time for discovering new things in a child-like way, the second will see many signs making stark realizations, the third will be a time for socializing and learning, and the Aries-Taurus cusp near the end of the month will be a time to harness power and celebrate the transformations of the planet.


Check out our July love and life predictions for every sign below. There may be some challenges this month, but at least the leftover chocolate from Easter on July 1 will help us all get through.

Aries:  Get Ready To Connect With Your Angels

This is your month, Aries ladies! With the beginning of mid-spring looming and the leader of the zodiac taking center stage, this is a time of change, birth and second chances for everyone, but most of all for Aries gals. July will present an opportunity for you to increase your psychic ability, and start a new spiritual journey. If you’ve ever thought about meditating to open up your third eye, listen to your inner-voice or connect with your angels and spirit guides, now is the time!

You might find that your body is especially sensitive to everything this month, so pay attention to what food you eat and any other supplements that you take. Stay alert if you’re celebrating your birthday out with the girls, because alcohol could have a stronger effect on you than it usually does, and things could get messy.

Aries Love Horoscope: Ease Up On That Aries Aggression

The stars seem to indicate that you’ll have endless energy to spend on your romantic partner this July , not that that’s a huge surprise for a sign as fiery as you. Make sure that you know when to draw the line between being passionate and being aggressive because being too forceful or intense could result in problems between you and your partner around the middle of the month.

Single Aries ladies seem to have many opportunities for something new this month, whether that ends up being a short-term fling or something a little more permanent. It is the season of change, after all! You might not think so, but the chance to fall in love is there. If you can’t see it, it could be because you don’t want to.


Taurus: Now Is The Time To Focus!

This July will be all about knuckling down and getting to work for Taurus. Particularly around the Aries-Taurus cusp, the universe will be ready to give you all the power you need to achieve your goals, so it’s a good idea to spend the majority of the month with your tail in the air. Whether the project you’re working on is personal or professional, you’ll be the happiest if you focus on it above all else, and give yourself better chances of success toward the end of the July .

That said, don’t forget to rest up when you feel you need it. You won’t get anywhere in anything if you overwork yourself and burn out! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your work, and the best ideas may come if you think in a more abstract way than you usually do.

Taurus Love Horoscope: You Could Be In For A Bumpy Ride, But You’ll Sort It Out

If you’re in a committed relationship, some struggles could arise around the second week of the month. July , in general, might be a pretty rocky one for you, particularly because the planet of communications is in freakin’ retrograde, so our planet is full of misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Take special care to understand your partner and make plenty of time for discussions of feelings, so there are no unnecessary fights.


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