• August 08, 2020

What Comes First: S*x Or Love?

I’ve had plenty of s*x and a taste of love.

So what comes first: S*x or love?

The traditional answer is love. However, as society has transitioned from an era of romance to an age of hooking up, I feel obligated to say that the answer is s*x. S*x comes first.

Well, it did for me, at least. To be honest, I think having s*x first was one of the things that made me realize I was falling in love.

Let me rephrase. I don’t mean the actual act of having s*x. I am refering to the feeling of safety and security I felt while having s*x. I think it is the most magical emotion in the world to lay next to someone, naked and exposed, yet feel a comforting sensation of shelter.

The days of kiss and tell have to come to a crashing halt. Sure, a kiss can spark emotion. It can release a cage of butterflies in the stomach. But I do not believe that the touch of two lips speak a tale of love.

So, go ahead and call me crazy. Call me just another Millennial embracing the postmodern crash of romance. Maybe I’m both these things. Or maybe I’m just a young woman who believes that one intimate act of s*x can create a love story.

With s*x, one can instantly tell if he or she has an emotional connection with another human.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am 100% not saying to bring home some stranger you’re crushing on and bang them on the couch to see if they’re the one. What I am saying is that relationships follow a path of phases, and s*x simply comes before love.

And here’s where things get just a little bit more magical- every time you have s*x with the person you love, it feels like the first time. Every kiss feels like the first kiss. Every s*x feels like the first s*x.

Hey, Madonna said it first: S*x with someone you love makes you feel like a virgin, touched for the very first time.

Feel your heartbeat next to mine.

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