• November 23, 2020

Top 4 Most Powerful Zodiac Signs in this year 2020 !



All signs have their own unique power and positive aspects. Sometimes the crucial role in a struggle is not played by the superiority of powerful muscles, but erudition strong will and the right strategy. So, what are the most powerful and stable Zodiac signs?

These Top 4 members of the Zodiac are distinguished by increased readiness for struggling and endowed with courage while having strong leadership qualities. Firstly, among these 4 representatives of the Zodiac, there are those impacted by Mars and the Sun. Secondly, these are powerful Zodiac signs that belong to the element of Fire. The Sun, Venus and other planets are protective of them as well.


Aries is one of the strongest signs, and this is reflected in their personality, giving them such features as energy and determination. Due to the influence of Mars that patronizes Aries, the strongest member of the Zodiac circle is characterized by increased emotionality, ambitiousness, the dynamism of thinking and actions, the ability to take responsibility and to defend his or her position (if necessary, by warfare). Aries belongs to the signs that have a complete lack of fear.

Aries is full of energy and vitality, as well as proud of his independence. Strong and persistent, Arieses rarely make a promise, but if they give you the word, these born leaders are ready to do whatever they can to fulfill it, even if they have changed their minds already.

Their inherent striving for victory and unwavering determination to achieve it foreshadow the success. And take into account that they overcome the thorny path to victories on their own, because they are too independent and don’t know how to play in a team.

The main disadvantages of this powerful Zodiac sign are familiar even to those people who are not fond of astrology. Stubbornness, excessive emotionality and aggressiveness are three whales on which the dark side of the first sign of the Zodiac rests.

There is another negative feature of many Arieses – indulging and excusing their weaknesses. This entails the development of other downsides. Tactlessness, arrogance, conceit, impatience, pride are shadowing many Arieses, and they manage to elevate these flaws to the rank of virtues.








Leo’s patron planet is the Sun. The governing star of our solar system enhances the strength of this powerful sign. The sun brings us warmth and light, which means life. Leo, Sun-blessed sign, is also generous, vibrant, energetic and majestic.

The element of Leo is Fire. Fire signs do not like the dark and feel good next to fire-related things. Belonging to the strongest Zodiac signs, Leos like the explosive music of revolutions and wars they may cause. They need a constant recharge just like fire does. The best fuel for Leo is praise and worship.

Leos like the whole universe revolving around them. If a male Leo is successful in life, his sense of superiority strengthens with age. Leo has the highest success rate among the other signs of the entire Zodiac circle, but at the same time, he has the biggest failures.







The first patron planet of the Scorpio Sun sign is Mars, which makes Scorpio thirsty for life and gives him potent sexual energy. Such self-confidence makes any person strong, including those born under a Scorpio Rising sign.

Another patron planet of Scorpio is Pluto. It is responsible for changes and transformation, the transition from the old to the new. The presence of this planet in the life of Scorpio indicates that these people don’t want to have idols and clearly defined rules. Those people who had the Sun in Scorpio at their birth consider themselves the highest authority. It is the quality that allows them to always go forward and clear the barriers.

Powerful representatives of this sign strive for achieving their goals. They do not pay attention to any circumstances and the opinions of others. Scorpio Moon signs are also strong-willed and not afraid of tough decisions; confusion and fear are unusual for them. Scorpios are endowed with magnetism and strength. However, they often use people for their own purposes.

These are extremely stubborn people as well; it is useless to argue with them. Because of these features, they can remain alone throughout their life. Another disadvantage is their constant desire to work. It could be seen as a virtue, but workaholics often have health problems.







The patron of this sign is Jupiter, the planet of generosity and creativity. Sagittarius becomes optimistic and friendly to others under its influence. Representatives of this sign know how to enjoy life and seek to share this with other people. Sagittarius people have a strong personality. They are always active, while their hearts are filled with warm light and fire, which attracts others. It is the sign that has firm control over the mind and intentions.

The element of Fire, another creative energy, determines the nature of those born under the influence of the ninth zodiacal sign. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius possess the power of this element. Representatives of these powerful signs are distinguished by their activity, creative abilities and indomitable energy that make the Zodiac signs moving all the time.

Jupiter and Saturn make Sagittarians persistent in their beliefs. If they took some statement as an axiom, then it is almost impossible to convince them otherwise. Representatives of this sign are freedom-loving. Sagittarius often suffers from excessive egoism trying to be in the spotlight. However, most representatives of this sign are good-natured and responsive. They do not tolerate lies and do not understand how someone can resort to lying.

Determination and energy are among the main strong points of Sagittarius. People of this sign set quite clear and specific goals and go towards their achievement against any difficulties. Their dynamism, desire for development and self-improvement help them in solving the tasks. Another important quality of those born under the influence of Sagittarius is a balanced and optimistic attitude towards what is happening.







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