• September 22, 2020

Cancer Horoscope for Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Cancer Horoscope – Love
Venus in harmonic aspect will make singles very attractive and, at the same time, will facilitate their conquests. One of them could take a more serious turn and lead you to give up your sacrosanct independence to consider the future together. With Jupiter as a guest, which favors romantic engagement, this would not be impossible! Natives living as a couple, your partner will not be able to reproach you for shirking your family and marital responsibilities. He will feel completely secure with you.

Cancer Horoscope – Silver
You may find yourself forced to sue for financial reasons. Do this only if you have an absolutely unassailable case and if you are sure that nothing illegal can be brought against you; if not, give up altogether.

Cancer Horoscope – Health
You will be in good physical shape, but your need to act and impose yourself can make you nervous. Control your impatience. The rare natives prone to hypertension will have to be careful; in case of crisis, consult a doctor; a good treatment will allow you to regain balance.

Cancer Horoscope – Labor
Little lucky! In the work, you will have the unconditional support of Mars. Thus, you will be able to set up medium-term projects, with the maximum chance of seeing them succeed in the best conditions. This day will also be the ideal time to broaden your professional horizons, establish ongoing relationships with foreign countries, or even start your own business if you have wanted to for a long time.

Cancer Horoscope – Family
Your home will be more than ever your haven, your development, your pride, and nothing from the outside should stain it. You will also be a well-respected parent despite, or perhaps even because of, your outright, sometimes brutal frankness.

Cancer Horoscope – Social life
With some of your friends, the mood may turn to stormy. Don’t make a hasty decision; then you might regret having cut the ties too quickly. Accept an open-hearted explanation.

Cancer Horoscope – Quote of the day
A sacred secretion. The greatest merit of man is the sweat on his forehead (Jean Giraudoux).

Cancer Horoscope – Lucky Number

Cancer Horoscope – Wink
Do not try to face what is beyond your strength.

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