• September 22, 2020

Leo Horoscope for Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Leo Horoscope – Love
You will refuse to be overwhelmed by habits. In fact, you will know how to put a note of fantasy in your married life, and you will manage to keep the interest and the desire of your spouse or partner alive. He will have every interest in ensuring, on the cuddly side, your requirements will be so important in this area! Single, you will be in great demand and you will fully enjoy your freedom. However, try to keep a cool head. If you let yourself be blinded by passion, beware of disillusionment!

Leo Horoscope – Money
In the financial field, you will be able to carry out fruitful transactions. But avoid risky or ill-prepared operations, otherwise you risk losing big. Good luck at gambling.

Leo Horoscope – Health It is in
your interest to fight certain eating habits that may be harmful to your health. High blood pressure and cholesterol will be your worst enemies. So, give up, at least temporarily, cold meats, preserves, fried foods and in general fatty or very salty foods. Bear in mind that certain seemingly harmless products, such as snack cookies, peanuts or salted almonds and crisps are actually formidable. Alcohol should be avoided.

Leo Horoscope – Work
On a professional level, the day will be positive and will help you to progress, to concretize your projects. You will make important and good decisions. Make sure you have your support; some are a bit fuzzy.

Leo Horoscope – Family
It will be easier for you to come out and express your feelings, which will lead to a very favorable development in your relationships with members of your family.

Leo Horoscope – Social Life
Sociable and open to others like you are, it is not your friends that you miss. This time again, between invitations to dinner or to visit them, it is with them that you will spend your best moments.

Leo horoscope – Quote of the day
Be careful not to believe a lie: it is like a mirage, which brings what is far away from you and moves away from you what is near (Arabic proverb).

Leo horoscope – Lucky number

Leo horoscope – Wink
Know how to delegate responsibilities, without creating jealousy.

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